Saturday, December 23, 2006

MTV Makes a Reality Venue on Adoption


This new series on MTV is facinating. I am sure that there are adoptees and first/birth families who could possibly be completely offended by this, but I personally feel that it is a fabulous idea. This venue has the potential to show the real deal and I embrace the real deal completely. However there is the opportunity here for all of the nuance and unique individual experiences for triad members to be lost. There is also the potential to place this experience in a totally inappropriate frame. The risks are definitely present, but so is the potential in reaching mainstream with the very core issues and experience around reunion and adoption. I hope this effort moves towards the latter!

It is my hope that issues will be raised in an appropriate light and that further information will be provided by including an expert somewhere in the show so that a model might be provided on how to get assistance, heal, and integrate the reunion experience in a healthy manner. It would also assist in bringing up issues, treatment options, and a more holistic presentation of the reunion and adoption experience.

I also feel that once again the media is focusing on the drama of adoption and reunion when the focus that is so needed is about healing and integrating these experiences as well as a moving through the grief process. How I wish that there was a strong focus in the professional community on integration and relationships post reunion. There is beginning to be and I hope that trend continues.

Anyway, for those of you interested in what MTV is doing then read on...

MTV's True Life Presents

In this new, short-form online series from True Life, people like you will share their stories with millions of people at, in a format so new we’re not even sure what to call it. In True Life, with a camera in your hand, people will tell us what it’s like to live their life. Our audience will watch their clips, feel their anxiety, and cheer them on.

Here are the stories we are looking for:


Were you adopted and are now ready to find your birth parent(s)? Have you already located your birth parent and are about to meet for the first time? Or has a birth parent recently located you and requested a meeting? If you are interested in sharing your story as it unfolds, read on…
If you…
• Appear between the ages of 18 and 28
• Are currently engaged in or ready to begin the process of finding your birth parent(s)
• Want to share your story with us
Then email us at with these details
-how and why you decided to take this step
-your expectations and fears
-how this reunion will affect your adoptive family
-special dates, meetings, or plans relating to the process of finding your birth parent(s)
-include your name, location, contact number, and photo if possible

This informaiton is taken from the following website:


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